Course Description

In these video cases studies, students Lily, Jamie, Armando and Nia share thoughts, experiences and tips about their real-world business projects with PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs. Related discussion questions serve as a jumping off point to consider these four very different businesses, what made them successful and how they could be improved.

Bill Roche

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Business Case Studies Discussion Guide - Introduction

  • 2

    Section One: Lily's Helmet Muffs

    • Lily's Helmet Muffs Opening

    • Lily's Success Story

    • Lily's Helmet Muffs - Discussion Questions

  • 3

    Section Two: Jamie's Terrific Pencil Pouches

    • Jamie's Terrific Pencil Pouches Opening

    • Jamie's Success Story

    • Jamie's Terrific Pencil Pouches - Discussion Questions

  • 4

    Section Three: Armando's Rustic Candleholders

    • Armando's Case Study Opening

    • Armando's Success Story

    • Armando's Rustic Wooden Candle Holders - Discussion Questions

  • 5

    Section Four: Nia's Amazing Bracelets

    • Nia's Amazing Bracelets Opening

    • Nia's Success Story

    • Nia's Amazing Bracelets - Discussion Questions